Before you write us an email, please read the frequently asked questions. We answer only those questions that cannot be found here. Thank you for your kind understanding!

1., Where can I reach you?

Email: support@dietnr1.com on 7 days of the week. Please take into consideration that we can only manage to reply to emails on weekends and public holidays slower than usually.

2., How can I pay?

You have to pay in advance! At the present you can choose from the following payment options: -Bank transfer -Bank card payment ( coming )

3., Delivery period and shipping costs

– Normal airmail: Shipping cost is EUR 10 in case of orders under EUR 100, and is free over that amount. Delivery takes 3-6 workdays to Europe, 5-10 workdays to USA and Canada, and 5-12 workdays to any other country.

4., I didn’t receive my package. What should I do?

It might occur that the post delivers the package slower than usual. Please tell us in an email if you do not get your package within 7 workdays after dispatch. The email should contain your order number. After that our company will have the post look for the package. It takes about 2 days since we get information on the status of the package. Should your package be lost or sent back to us for some reason, we will dispatch your order again.

5., Where do you send the package from?

From the European Union.

6., Where do you ship to?

Our company ships above all to the European Union, the USA and Canada.

7., During registration, I cannot provide the name of my country correctly, as it is not on the list of countries. What should I do?

We only ship to those countries that you can choose on the country list.

8., Are there any customs to pay?

There are no customs to pay within the European Union. Anyway, in some special cases it can occur that the package comes under customs clearance. In this case it either gets destroyed or they forward it in a few days to the post. Our company guarantees delivery within the European Union. Should the customs take your package, we will send your order again or pay your money back. We cannot guarantee orders from outside the borders of the European Union.

9., Do I need a prescription to buy from you?

As every country has different regulations about prescriptive and non prescriptive drugs, during the purchasing process you have to accept the general terms and conditions, which includes that you state to have the needed prescription (if needed in the given country). If you do not accept the general terms and conditions, you will not be able to finish your order.

10., I am 17. Can I order from your site?

No. You are not allowed to place any order under 18 and over 65 at our site!

11., I have cardiovascular problems. Can I order from your site?

No! You cannot order if you suffer from one of the illnesses listed in the general terms and conditions! Thank you for your understanding!

12., My package is gone lost. What should I do?

Our company guarantees that in case your package goes lost, we will compensate you, or we will post your order again.

13., I have placed an order, but did not receive any bank account number from you.

If you would like to pay via bank transfer, we will send you the needed bank data within 24 hours after the order has been placed…

14., I did not get what I have ordered. What am I supposed to do?

We all can make mistakes. Our packing colleagues make a huge number of packages every day, so it can occur that one of them makes a mistake. Should you not get what you have ordered, please send us an e-mail and we will solve the problem as soon as possible. Your order will be resent.

15., I would like to order from you but would not like my partner to get aware of what I ordered. Please handle my package discretely.

We take sound care of the discretion of the packaging. On the package there aren’t any indications on its content. We send the package via registered post, so only the addressee is entitled to take it over.

16., How much weight can I lose with your diet pills?

That differs individually. There isn’t any exact answer to that. The extent of weight loss depends on many factors. Body weight, age, sex, eating habits, the type of work the person is doing, etc, etc. Generally you can say that 5-10% of weight loss is possible in 4 to 6 weeks.

17., I have tried several products. Some were efficient, some were not really…

Every drug has different effects on different people. Some people’s body reacts well on some active agents, some does not. You should experience what drug works best with you.

18., Are the diet pills distributed by you genuine?

Yes! All of our products are genuine. None of them is generic or fake.

19., I would like to buy by the gross. Do you give any discount?

Please contact us.

20., In case of bank transfer, do you take over transfer costs?

No! Please be so kind to transfer the exact amount of money. Otherwise we will send you your money back.

21., I have already transferred the money two weeks ago, but still did not receive the package. Did you already send it?

It is quite a frequent problem that many clients do not write or misspell their order number in the comment field. (The order number is a 4-digit number that begins with AD, eg.: AD3501.) If the person who placed the order and the person who made the bank transfer are the same, we can identify whose order it is. But if the one who ordered and the one who paid are not the same, or the transfer comes from a company account, it is simply impossible to make out. In this case we wait 2 weeks, hoping that the procurer makes reclamation for not getting his package. Should no one make any reclamation within 2 weeks, we transfer the money back.

22., Do you also deliver to a post office box?

Yes, we do.
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