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Adipex-P 37,5 mg

If you suffer from overweight since a long time, and have tried a number of methods, but did not succeed to lose weight permanently, then we would like to draw your attention to the Adipex retard diet medicament that enables quick and durable weight loss. It is important to know that it does not harm the organism – on the contrary, according to consumers it even raises the energy level, which makes it easier to do a diet. Apart from its anorectic effect, it also gives a feeling of saturation, which makes it possible to consume as many calories as the organism needs. In addition, it also provides continuous detoxication and fat burning. Therefore, it is an extraordinarily effective diet product.
Phenterminum resinatum is the main active agent of Adipex-P. 1 capsule contains 75 mg Phentermium resinatum, which contains 37,5 mg fentermium.
Phentermine affects the hunger center of the brain, and so helps the user in losing weight. The base material phentermine has been bound in form of Polystyrene Sulfonate, so it can be absorbed by the body continuously. Thanks to its longer absorption time, the Adipex diet product enfolds its effect through at least 8 hours.
Excipients: yellow wax, hydrogenated soy oil, partly hydrogenated soy oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, soy lecithin, gelatin, glycerol 85%, non-crystallized sorbitol 70%, titanium oxide, carbon dioxide salt ethylparaben, carbon dioxide salt propylparaben, glycerol makrogol-1750-ricinoleate, homovanilin, methoxy acetophenone.
The medical treatment of obesity has a history of almost 100 years. The discovery of Ephedrine in 1924 was the first in the row, continued by Amphetamine derives, which are in close relationship with some drugs. This means that they effect is close to doping drugs, though reducing appetite, but they also increase the cardio-vascular stress. These primitive diet products were later withdrawn.
In the meantime, Phentermine has been discovered and became the most well-known weight loss drugs in the United States of America and Western Europe.
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What is Adipex and what is it used for, according to its product leaflet?

Adipex retard is a golden colored capsule that affects the hunger center, thus enabling the loss of overweight with huge efficiency. It decreases appetite. Its ground material, phentermine affects the hunger center of the nervous system, and thanks to that you will not have to suffer during your diet. Your body will cope with the fasting easily. One of the advantages Adipex-P has compared to other diet products is that the lost pounds will not come back, so you can avoid the “yo-yo effect”. According to the product leaflet, this drug is recommended to those whose overweight is of an extent that already endangers the health of the person. It has to be underlined here that you should only take it if you really suffer from overweight (Body Mass Index of 30 or higher).

Order Adipex

Before you start taking, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.
On our website you can order Adipex with just a few clicks. Sadly, it might run temporarily out of stock, as experience shows that suppliers sell Adipex out in a short time.
Discretion is very important to us. You will receive the ordered product in a discrete packaging. Nothing on the package will imply that you ordered a diet product.
Attention! We kindly ask all customers to order Adipex only if they REALLY have overweight. Do not order it if you just cannot control the amount of calories you consume, or if you are not even obese, just see yourself as such.

Do not take Adipex capsule, if you:

– are allergic to one of its compounds,
– have a psychiatric illness,
– have lung artery hypertension (a disease of the trachea or the lung);
– have very high blood pressure;
– have now or had in the past cardiovascular diseases;
– suffer from thyroidism, glaucoma or kidney disease;
– suffer or suffered in the past from distemper, anorexia or depression;
– drink too much alcohol;
– are under 18;
– are over 65. 

You have to be especially cautious when taking Adipex:

Adipex capsules cannot be taken at a time with other anorectic products.
Do not take it together with antidepressants.
Losing weight very quickly can be dangerous! Patients with a cardiovascular disease should choose a slow diet, as losing weight quickly might heavily strain the heart. While taking the product, please consult your doctor regularly.
For those who suffer from anorexia, it is forbidden to take Adipex. Epileptic patients require special attention.
You have to pause the usage of the products in case of pregnancy, or if side effects should come up. Please inform your doctor on time in both cases.

Side effects of Adipex retard

Just like any other drug, Adipex might have side effects as well. The side effects might be the strongest during the first month of the treatment with Adipex-P. In the second month of taking it, side effects decrease or disappear completely. Adipex has medium side effects, which might be the following:
– irritability
– stressfulness
– neuroticism
– headache
– sleeping disorders
– digestive disorders (vomiting, nausea, diarrhoe)
– higher pulse
The side effects of Adipex differ from person to person. Some are less affected, and some show stronger side effects. This can only be concluded after applying it. Should you experience unwanted side effects, take a break in taking Adipex and consult your doctor.

Drinking alcohol and taking Adipex:

During the cure it is forbidden to consume alcohol.

Taking Adipex together with preventives

Adipex-P 37,5 mg does not contain any hormones; it does not affect the endocrine system, so there are no reasons against taking it combined with preventive drugs. Preventives do not reduce the effectiveness of Adipex-P, and Adipex does not affect the prevention neither.


It is not allowed to take Adipex during pregnancy.


It is not allowed to take Adipex while breast-feeding.

Taking Adipex in case of diabetes

There is nothing against taking the diet product in case of diabetes. Because of the insulin cure, diabetes requires control that is more detailed. It has to be taken into consideration that during weight-loss, consuming less calories has an impact on the dosage of insulin as well. Diabetes patients should consult their doctor regularly during the Adipex cure.

How Adipex-P affects driving and handling machines:

Adipex has no effect on driving, but some activities that require a higher grade of concentration – like handling machines, working in high places – could be impacted. These activities can only be done with the consent of a doctor.

According to the leaflet, Adipex has an effect on other drugs as follows:

Adipex and ingredients of other drugs can alter the impact of each other. That is why the doctor has to be informed about all medicaments that you take with or without prescription at that time. Should you want to take any other medicament without prescription while taking Adipex, please consult your doctor. Using some drugs that can be bought without prescription (for coughing, colds, flu or asthma) might increase the frequency of side effects.

Dosage of Adipex:

The usual dosage is one capsule daily, half an hour before breakfast. The capsule must not be chewed; it has to be swallowed in one piece, with 2-3 dl of liquid.
In justified cases, the doctor might increase the dose to two pills per day.
You must not take the product tight before going to sleep, as it might cause fretfulness and insomnia. The last portion should be taken at least 5 hours prior to going to bed.
Should you take more capsules at a time, see your doctor immediately.
An overdose might lead to fretfulness and nausea.

The length of an Adipex cure:

Usually an Adipex cure lasts 6-8 weeks, but it cannot exceed a period of 3 months. Of course, it must not be used for such a long time, 3-6 weeks might be sufficient, but the body needs 2-3 weeks to get used to the decreased calorie intake, and thus to lose weight. A break must be taken after the cure! After the break – which must be at least as long as the cure has been – the product can be taken again, if needed. Before the patient would begin the second cure, it is advisable to run a health scan – but if no significant displeasing effect has been observed, then it is not necessary anyway.
During the cure the diet prescribed by the doctor has to be followed and physical exercise has to be increased.
You can reach bigger weight loss, if you take care of what you eat and prefer energy-reduced food (like white meat, fruits, vegetables), and eat less food with high fat or sugar content (like sugar, flour, potatoes). After the cure is over, it is still recommended to keep the diet for another 4-6 weeks.

How much weight can I lose with an Adipex cure?

That is a difficult question, as every diet differs from person to person. It highly depends on age, on the extent of overweight, what kind of exercises that person does, how many calories he or she consumes, etc, etc. However, it is no rarity in case of a 2-3 months cure to lose about 12-15 kg. You usually lose the most kilos at the beginning of the cure, in the first few weeks – generally, you can get rid of 5-10 kg in just 30 days. In the latter phase of the diet, weight loss will not be as fast, but it will be ongoing for sure. At the end of the third month, the organism gets used to the active substance and weight loss may stop, or cease completely. That means it is time to take a break.

How Adipex impacts men

Men experience a more intense weight loss, as they usually consume more calories than women. The amount of food consumed defines the weight loss ratio. The bigger your overweight is, the more energy has to be used in order to maintain that state. As men’s body needs more calories than the female body, the effect of Adipex is stronger as well. It is no rarity in case of men with serious overweight to lose up to 10-15 kilograms in just a few weeks. Naturally, it has the same effect on women as well – however, they might not need to lose as many kilos that is why the effect is not so spectacular in their case than with men.

How to store Adipex:

Keep it out of reach of children.
Keep it under 25 °C, in a dark place.
Do not use it after the expiry date.

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9 reviews for Adipex-P

  1. 5 out of 5

    janet (verified owner)

    Adipex is great, but after 5-6 weeks its effect decreases…

  2. 5 out of 5

    Anita Fusch (verified owner)

    Super Produkt !! Top!!

    Besser als erwartet. Absollut zufrieden und auch weiterempfohlen.

  3. 4 out of 5

    peter90 (verified owner)

    adipex is very very good, if you don’t wanna to run or do sports. you usually lose the most at the first 3 weeks. I expected more. During six weeks cure I lost from 113 kg to 105. More would be better, but I didn’t do any sport or diet…

  4. 5 out of 5

    Alkan Gökhan (verified owner)

    I have been taking adipex retard for a few weeks. I have been taking two capsule instead of one, as I am very impatient.. My weight went down and up a few times, but I did loose about 13lbs and ordered more refills today. Alex on the care team is wonderful and answers any question I have.
    I have had no problems at all with taking Adipex, it really helps burn fat and gives me lots of energy.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Jane (verified owner)

    So, I was a little bit sceptical before buying this diet pill. However I’ve now been taking 2 pills of Adipex retard for 4 weeks along with a low carb diet. I’ve lost 2kg in the first week. ( I had already started the low carb diet for 3 weeks previously to taking Adipex, and I had only lost 0,5- 1kg per week before this. That’ why I think it works. ). It really helps with energy levels, and because of the appetite suppressants, I was able to keep my diet. Looking forward to more results. Already lost 8,5kg… Best weight loss supplement I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a few!

  6. 5 out of 5

    Bianca Aureli (verified owner)

    Il prodotto e’ efficace, spedizioni discrete foglio informazioni incluso! Alex e’ fantastico, gentile e sempre di grande aiuto

  7. 5 out of 5

    george (verified owner)

    I was not expecting to lose weight so quickly! Very happy with results.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Elisabeth Griebichler

    Ich liebe Adipex!

    Habe verschiedene Produkte ausprobiert, aber die beste Ergebnisse habe ich ausschließlich mit Adipex erreicht.
    Kann ich allen weiterempfehlen, ideal, wenn man 10 oder mehr Kilo abnehmen möchte.
    Die lieferung kommt auch immer pünktlich und diskret.
    An diese stelle bedanke ich mich auch bei Alex!

  9. 4 out of 5 (verified owner)

    My eating habits were horrible!! I needed to wake up myself, because my health is not game. Adipex helps me to keep my diet and I have more energy.

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