The Customer hereby declares to accept and observe the following:

None of our products can be used:

  • by people under the age of 18 or over the age of 65,
  • during disorders related to nutrition,
  • during psychiatric illnesses,
  • during pregnancy and lactation,
  • during an uncontrolled illness related to high blood pressure,
  • during coronary disease, cardiac insufficiency, rapid palpitations, occlusion of artery in the limbs, heart rate disorders, cerebral events that are either existing or can be found in the anamnesis,
  • during serious diseases of the liver or kidneys, dialysis,
  • during glaucoma and high pressure of the eyes,
  • at the same time with certain weight-loss supplements or drugs affecting the central nervous system,
  • during hyperthyroidism,
  • during benign prostatic hypertrophy with stagnation of urination,
  • during adrenal cortex tumor,
  • during closed-angle glaucoma and high pressure of the eyes,
  • during existing drug or alcohol abuse.

Furthermore, the customer shall take cognizance of the fact that our company will not accept any legal or financial consequence caused by the improper usage of the weight-loss supplements or if the customer uses them in the cases listed above.