10 steps to lose weight quickly! Part 3

10 steps to lose weight quickly! Part 3

Avoid salt!

One of the biggest mistakes in a diet is if you eat a lot of salt for your meals. Would you have thought that one part salt retain 180 parts water? Why this is a problem? So, all that water retained by your body is completely visible on you. Sit down… Have a look at your ankle. If you can hardly see it and it is swollen, it does not mean that your ankle is fat, but it is rather full of water! When you wear socks and the rubber end just leaves its trace on your skin, your water retains too much water then. If you believe that you have around 10 kilos surplus, it might be that 3 kilos of it were water, and only the rest real surplus.
Salt consumed in big amounts can cause a number of risks. Right after overweight too much salt is the second biggest reason for diabetes! It encumbers the heart as well, as it will get harder to pump the blood. It could be also a burden for the kidneys. Of course the body needs some salt, but as most foods are packed with salt these days, you do not have to be afraid of not getting enough salt into your organism.

Losing weight quickly just in a few days? Naturally? How?

If you would like to lose a few kilos in just a few days, the easiest way is to leave salt from your daily dietary plan. Take multivitamin products that contain mineral substances as well. So you will get the needed amount of salt as well. Raise your water consumption by 30-50% (this is extremely important)!!
Drink only mineral water, nothing else! Some with low mineral contents like for example Nestlé Aquarel. This way you can deceive your body! It will say: „I get a lot of water; I do not need any reserves. Water I stored so far has to be emptied now.” If your body has retained a big amount of water, you will be able to lose even 5 kg in just 3-4 days. This is not a joke! Those with extreme overweight can even lose more than this without making any diet. Of course water gets lost but only until we return to the consumption of salt in big amounts. So, if we emptied water from our body, just decrease the water consumption back to the normal level and continue avoiding salty food. So we will be able to preserve the results!

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