How to Build a Better Butt

How to Build a Better Butt

As you and I know, we all have different body types. While some have been blessed with beautiful behinds by nature, others have to work tirelessly for years to finally get into beach shape. There are few women who are satisfied with their butts. This is the area that can always use some work, and frequently even those think this way who you would say have no problem at all.

This is no surprise. One of women’s sexiest body parts are their butts.

Taking this into consideration, it’s quite sad how incorrectly many of us approach butt workouts. It’s worth noting that a nice butt is only muscle. Pure muscle, which is quite strong compared to other muscle groups – therefore, if we want results, we have to train hard. Having relaxed, conversation-oriented workouts just won’t cut it. It’s better if you get used to the notion that only sweaty, painful, demanding workouts will get us those curvy butts that we desire.
Another important thing to note is, like all muscles, developing your butt requires a sufficient amount of protein. Protein is the nutrient of muscles, let’s not forget. If you don’t supply your muscles with enough protein, they won’t develop – the same applies to your butt; don’t expect miracles without it.
Let’s take a look at the most effective exercises for shaping your butt. Choose at least three of these whenever you’re training your lower body. Stay consistent for results. The key to success, as with everything else, is to do it regularly.


Squats are an ideal exercise to work your gluteus maximus. You can do them by using dumbbells, or with barbells on your shoulders. Barbells are more favorable, but do make sure you have a spotter behind you, unless the weights you are working with are really small. You can change which muscle groups work harder during the exercise by adjusting the position of your legs (wider or narrower) and feet (pointing ahead or outwards). If your feet are closer together, the quads will do most of the work. The wider apart your feet are, the more your hips and glutes will be included. Make sure to always have someone stand over you during your exercises, so you can ensure that you are working your leg muscles. You can reach similar results by using the leg press machine at the gym.
Make sure to keep your waist straight throughout the squat. Go down as low as you can, below horizontal thigh level, while keeping your back straight. If your ankles aren’t flexible enough, use two small plates or a board under your heels. It’s practical to look straight ahead/upwards during the exercise; this will ensure that your back is straight. Don’t lean forward by any means, it only makes injuries to your waist a lot more likely.


Lunges also target the gluteus maximus mostly. Their types include:
Stationary lunges
Walking lunges
Switch lunges
Side lunges
You can read about the correct form for lunges in one of our earlier articles in detail. Hold a dumbbell in each hand by your side, comfortably. Step forward with one leg. Bend both of your knees, and lower your torso vertically toward the ground. Be careful not to let your stepping leg’s knee forward past your ankle. Lower your back knee until it touches the ground. Then return to your starting position. From here, you can do the next repetition.

Glute Raises

This is the exercise where your hamstrings and glutes feel like they are on fire. This might not be the happiest exercise, but I recommend you start enjoying this feeling. Lay down on a step pad (or on your bed if you’re training at home), facing downward, with your hips on the edge of the step pad, and your legs straight on the ground, toes relaxed. Flex your glutes and your hamstrings, and lift your legs until they reach the level of your hips. In this position, lift one of your legs higher than the other, then switch, imitating the leg technique of freestyle swimming. Do at least 3 sets of 20 reps for each leg. You can use ankle weights, or rubber bands, if you are experienced.


These are great exercises for training hamstrings, glutes and the lower back, but the way you execute them is critical. Start by placing your feet shoulder width apart, and the weight you are using (barbells or dumbbells) close to your ankles. Your back should be straight, and your stomach flexed. Lean forward from your hip, and let your torso down until you reach the weights. Flex your glutes, and elevate back to a vertical position. Always remember to keep the weights close to your legs throughout the whole movement, and to keep your knees only slightly bent. Do 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps.

Stair Workouts For a Curvy Butt

Stair masters used on low intensity only engage your glutes when you do normal, whole steps. I assume you have seen girls tiptoeing and leaning on the machine with their arms. Well, this will not get you results. You have to feel your whole weight on your heels on every single step. The benefit of whole steps over mini ones is that your legs and glutes have to work much harder, just like your circulatory system. Yes, this is a bigger challenge, but that is the point: higher pulse=more calories burned=more weight loss. If you find that your butt has gotten bigger from the stair master, you might well be eating more than necessary. Stair masters and treadmills (walking with a high inclination setting) make your glutes round and tight. Start out doing 3 days a week, with 20 minute exercises. If you want to see really visible results, then go for 5-6 days a week, with 30-45 minute exercises.

In Conclusion

If your butt is flat, and not round enough, you need to pack on some muscle, that is what gives it its shape. Get used to the thought of eating a bit more than usual – and if you take our advice to heart, you won’t turn to fast food for your extra calories, but to more of your diet foods.
The shape of your butt depends somewhat on genetics, that’s true, but you can achieve amazing results with your body once you start exercising the right way.
There are no magic bullet workouts that can transform your butt without effort. Consistent training and eating right (with the appropriate amount of protein) are the keys to a prettier, round butt.
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