10 steps to lose weight quickly! Part 4

10 steps to lose weight quickly! Part 4

Eat six times a day!Eat six times a day!

This is one of the most important of the 10 steps – to eat at least six times a day. If you do not do that, our diet can contain the best food, it just won’t have the effect that could be reached with 6 meals per day.


Our body is always defensive. If it is hot, we do sweat, if we are sick, it just increases temperature in order to destroy viruses. It is the same with a diet. If you would like to gain weight, you do not have to make nothing different like sumo wrestlers… Eat a huge amount of food in just two meals per day! And lay down to sleep right after meals. If you eat rarely, your body will think that there is something wrong and it will be prepared to stay alive for several days without any nutrition. If this defensive mechanism of your body starts, it will be almost impossible to lose weight, as every consumed food will be used and stored completely. Storing it as fat is the most useful solution. Some people do not eat for days, as they are „making a diet.” This does not make sense at all! And it is unhealthy as well!

Fasting for several days means that the body will slow down the metabolism (this is how it is able to use every nutriment). It is very important for you to understand this!: During fasting the body takes the energy needed for life first from the muscles, and only starts to break down fat cells after that!!! It breaks down proteins and ensures energy for the body. The more active you are, the more energy it frees. Bad news is that you use a big amount of muscles during a fasting diet like this, and you won’t even have the strength to twinkle at the end. Your legs will become weak and every movement will be a pain. But the worst for something doing a diet like this is that fat will just remain on belly, thighs and buttocks.
Why is that? The body adheres to every single Gramm of fat, as 1 Gramm of fat provides 9 calories for the body, while 1 Gramm protein provides only 4 calories. I have another bad news. Once you eat something after a fasting diet of this kind, your body will immediately store it as fat. Did you ever heard of the yo-yo effect? That means that you suffer for long weeks, do not eat anything, and lose 7-8 kilos (again, you will lose muscles and not fat) – and if you then return to the usual nutrition you will gain back 15 kilos immediately. More than before you started fasting. That is why you need to deceive your body! Eat less and 6-8 times a day.
I hear people complaining all the time. „I do not eat anything all day long, and not that I did not lose weight, but I even gained some little surplus. That is not happening! I just don’t believe it! Is that because I have a few shots in the weekend parties?” – Yes, that is what makes you gain weight. One reason is that you do not eat anything during the week (I do not want to repeat myself but every single calorie will be stored this way, that is why you need to eat six times small portions!), and then you drink alcohol, that has the most calories and even completely useless, as the body just cannot use it, so it will be turned into fat and that’s it. End of story. And you even did give some work for your liver. Just have a look on calorie content of some alcohols:
1 dl Martini 500 kcal
1 dl wine 70-80 kcal
1 dl creme liqueur 300-350 kcal

In order to be able to boost your metabolism you have to eat at least 5-6 times a day

Write down for 2-3 days what and how much you ate, and during how many meals you ate that. And then divide the same amount between 6 meals. If you want to share it between 8 meals, the better. Attention! Here we do not speak of a diet, neither of some hard training in a gym. You eat the same meals as always, but do not stuff yourself in 2-3 meals, but provide food continuously to your body through small meals. If you feel like your stomach is rumbling hungrily, you are doing something wrong! Do not wait until you get hungry; rather eat an apple, banana or sandwich.
If you would like to lose weight, you have to stick to 5-6 meals a day! This is how you can boost your metabolism. Many people are able to lose weight without making any diet, as they use metabolism boosters like Adipex or Sibutramine. With these products the organism is able to burn 30% more calories in a day. That means that there will be a shortage in calories, so you will be able to lose weight more effectively than without those products.

Some thoughts about metabolism booster and fat-burning products…

– Here comes the truth: you do not need any Adipex or Regenon or Sibutramine to lose weight! Just some will and bigger endurance. If it is a problem that you get extremely hungry from time to time, or just do not lose weight that quickly than you would like to, and that makes you impatient, then it might be worth thinking of using some fat-burning product.
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