10 steps to lose weight quickly! Part 8

10 steps to lose weight quickly! Part 8



If you have been following our series of articles and did what was described in them, then you must have lost several kilos in a few months. Now we reached a point during our diet on which the initial momentum began to get weaker and weight loss stagnates. This is when you have to use the most efficient weapon against fatty rolls: exercises! Many people hate sports, but it is essential if you want to lose weight.
Our article series is based on the fact that you cannot start a diet immediately, begin to do sports 3-4 times a week and self-mortification, if you had eaten before that all that you could and did not do sports at all. I think this is just not possible! I can only imagine it to work if someone is struck by a psychic trauma that makes him give up the former unhealthy lifestyle and if that specific person possesses the needed willingness and endurance to make it on first try. This is something that does not happen in most of the cases. You wake up in the morning and say: „It cannot go on like this anymore; I hate looking in the mirror, and will lose weight from today.” And this is when people begin to make a diet (do not eat anything the whole day long as a worst case scenario, and so they will not lose weight but even gain some), start to do sport, try many other things, but there hardly come any results, or only very slowly. Initial endurance begins to diminish. Then you start to eat occasionally some meals that do not fit into the diet plan. Pizza, chocolate… a piece of cookies…. „This fruit juice has 100% fruit content, so I cannot gain weight because of that one.”  You commit failure after failure, and then, after a few days or weeks, just give up the fight against surplus weight. All of you know the situation? This is why it is important to start your diet with small steps. So you can be sure that you won’t have to give up on your diet abortively. If you had followed the instructions of all articles for about 10-14 days, and only then started the next task, then you should have already gone through huge changes in the last 2-3 months. If you had an overweight that made moves almost hurt you, then you might have reached a level until now that you are able to make an easy training of 40-60 minutes (which wouldn’t have been the case before).

Regular exercises and healthy nutrition are the foundation to losing weight on a permanent basis – plus, if it is important to lose weight quickly, then the usage of different metabolism enhancement and fat burning products.
In this article you will find some more information on regular exercises.
Please read our previous article on nutrition here.
In this article you will find further information on fat burning and diet products.
If you are able to make sports a part of your life, you make a huge step in the direction of losing weight. I would suggest you to do easy trainings of 60 minutes at least 3 times a week. Kilos lost through exercises come only back in quite rare cases, and it does not affect the skin than it does in case of fasting. Fasting is the biggest mistake someone can make with a diet. Read more about fasting in this article.

But what time of exercises should be done in order to make our diet effective?

The root of a fat burning training is to do aerob training of light or medium intensity for a long time – at least 40 minutes, like walking, jogging, biking, swimming, cardio machines in the fitness centre, spinning, maybe aerobic. It is important to check your pulse on your neck during doing sports, or wear a special clock that measures the pulse. Anyone can calculate the pulse range of an effective fat burning training this way:
 (220-age) X 0,65 = bottom line of pulse zone
(220- age) X 0,85 = upper line of pulse zone
You should do the whole training in the pulse range within the two values.
With a training like this, done in this pulse range, you can even burn 500-600 calories per hour, most of which will be for sure used from your fat reserves.

Jogging is not recommended for those not in training

But most people believe that the more effective their training is, the more they get tired and sweaty during it. Looking from the side of losing weight, this is just not true! I write it down again: IT IS NOT TRUE!!! If you have to grasp after air during your training and have to sit down with a purple head in the locker room, and your heart beats so loudly that even the person standing next to you can hear it, then most likely you did not burn your fat calories! The more intensive a training is, the more will the body use carbohydrates that can be mobilized quickly and easily to provide enough additional energy. So you will not burn fat, but muscles, and will provide the needed energy from glycogen stored in the liver. As a result of this running is not recommended for those who want to lose weight but are not trained at all or just in an average state, as they will for sure work over the upper limit of the aforementioned fat burning pulse zone. You should rather try jogging or fast walking. Running is not recommended for those who have to deal with a massive overweight, as it strains the ankle and knee joints seriously. Just think it over! You make it to lose weight through huge fights, and ruin your knees for life! It’s just not worth it.

Fat burning starts after 20 minutes of exercise

Apart from proper pulse frequency, proper time span is crucially important as well. Biochemical fat burning processes in the body start after 20 minutes. You do not reach any result with trainings shorter than this! An optimal fat burning training lasts at least 40 minutes. Fats will be used after continuous training of 30-35 minutes. So the optimal training lasts 40-90 minutes. Apart from this aerob trainings of basic or medium intensity have a number of other „side effects” as well: your toughness gets better, the state of your heart and circulation, the ability of the lung to take up oxygen improves, blood pressure falls, basic pulse decreases, your muscles get more blood, the joints get oiled, and so the risk of injury decreases, the immune system gets stronger, and so on!

What should you take into consideration when choosing training?

Choose methods that spare your joints: walking, low impact aerobic, slow step aerobics, aqua aerobic, swimming, or a training with easy aerokickbox elements.
Proper movement technique is essential. You should learn how to move consciously and joyfully! Regularity is almost as possible! Choose a training method and sport that you like. You can also have some variety in trainings. Go to swim once a week, jog once a week as well, and do one aerobic training weekly. The goal is not to get bored of what you do. During training you should drink regularly (100 ml of fluid every 10-15 minutes)!

What we do not recommend:

running, high impact aerobic (aerobic using jumping, running and hipping elements), trainings that are too intense.

You want to burn even more fat with a training?

As I already mentioned, you start to lose weight after 20 minutes. Prior to that your body burns energy that can be mobilized easily (food you had recently, glycogen, etc.).
During my diet I did trainings always with an empty stomach. It is beneficial, because the body starts to use energy from fat reserves much faster. If you start to do any sports with an empty stomach, and stay within the proper pulse range, then your body has to use fat reserves after not more than 5-7 minutes. That means that you will be able to burn fat for 33-35 minutes during a training of 40 minutes – this will be only 20 minutes if you eat something before the training. It’s a huge difference! You can lose up to 1,5-2 kg fat in a month, if you do exercises with an empty stomach. The best time for doing it is right after waking up. I know that it is not easy to do in most of the cases, but if you do it only once out of 3 trainings per week; even then will you gain much more spectacular results.
Thank you for your attention!

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