Say Goodbye to Cellulite

Say Goodbye to Cellulite

Say Goodbye to Cellulite

Cellulite is a problem for many of us. Contrary to popular belief, there may be another cause other than an unhealthy lifestyle. We’ll reveal what that can be, and what you can do about cellulite.
We’ve mentioned multiple times that much can be done against this stubborn aesthetic flaw, cellulite, with proper nutrition: less carbohydrates, avoiding saturated fats, more vegetables. We must also include sports, in other words, a lower body-fat percentage and consumption of enough fluid.
Contrary to popular belief, there may be another cause other than an unhealthy lifestyle and being overweight.

Genetic traits have an impact, and women with more “full” features and higher estrogen levels can also experience this more.  If, for example, you take contraceptives, it can have an impact on your hormonal balance, which may make it more difficult to combat cellulite.
Cellulite that remains despite a healthy lifestyle is not a health issue, rather an aesthetic problem, which bothers most women.
If you are one of those people who cannot get rid of cellulite despite your efforts at a healthy lifestyle, do not get discouraged. There are certain secrets you can use to further help with your cellulite, perhaps even get rid of it altogether.


We cannot highlight the effectiveness of these micronutrients enough. Besides their many other good qualities, they improve the skin’s structure, improve its elasticity, therefore, they can also help you with cellulite. Vitamins A-, B2-, B3, as well as retinoic acid do have an effect on cellulite, but we must not expect miracles from them alone.


Collagen used alongside vitamin C supplements assists in tissue regeneration, boosts elasticity, thus supports the clearing away of cellulite.

Maca root

Helps in optimizing your hormonal levels. It can also be especially useful if you just stopped taking contraceptives, and you want to “straighten out” your slightly confused system.
Try avoiding fatty and sugary foods; these are also among the culprits that cause cellulite.


Though estrogen seems to be the main cause in the development of cellulite, research has shown that consumption of phytoestrogens is beneficial for the endocrine system. They block the effects that estrogens have on connective tissue, and in this way help dissolve cellulite. Soybeans are rich in phytoestrogens – they inhibit overactive cell growth, and are even effective against acne.


They block the functioning of collagenase enzymes, which break down collagen, thus help in eliminating cellulite.


If you are having a difficult time losing weight due to a slightly underactive thyroid, this may be of use to you due to its iodine content. If the problem is serious, however, do turn to a doctor by all means, do not experiment on yourself.

Fat Burning Products and Weight Loss Supplements

We can get rid of our love handles faster and more efficiently with the help of fat burning products. Frequently they contain plant extracts that help tighten the skin. There are countless varieties in terms of fat burning products. Some products contain natural ingredients, and some are considered medications, which are designed for people who have to lose the most amount of weight in the shortest possible time to maintain their health.
Please carefully note that if you are considering using liposuction to lose your excess weight, this procedure weakens your skin structure, and makes you more prone to cellulite.

Serious Leg Workouts and Massaging the Affected Areas

We already know that local weight loss does not exist. However, both massages and hardcore glute or leg workouts do help to activate lymph circulation, which in turn supports the body in flushing out toxins from the area. Consistent workouts – I mean total body – develop muscles, which are the body’s best calorie burners. They assist you in losing your excess weight, which cause more cellulite to disappear.


It helps the skin’s clearing process, and increases circulation and the draw-off of unnecessary water, therefore, improves skin tone. It is exceptionally efficient if you take cold-hot showers afterward.

Body Lotion

It nourishes and tightens the skin, and makes it more elastic. Lymph circulation and blood circulation can further be improved with its use.

Do Not Wear Clothes That Are Too Tight

This is important because tight clothes impair good blood and lymph circulation.


The first and foremost thing you can do against cellulite is to combat it consistently. You can do this by dieting, using weight loss supplements, and doing weighted workouts and cardio. It is best to set long term goals for yourself, because losing the excess weight too fast is not only unhealthy, but harms your skin as well. Diets should be well thought-out; preferably, do not try losing more than 1-2 kilograms per week.
Try incorporating our above advice into your already active weight loss schedule, because training and diet might not be (fast) enough by themselves against cellulite. If you want to boost your weight loss, you can take a look at our products here.

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