10 steps to lose weight quickly! Part 10

10 steps to lose weight quickly! Part 10

Diet tips for the advanced ones

Now we reached the final part of our article series… If you have kept all the suggestions it contained, then you must have lost a lot of weight since then. Your environment already started to notice your weight loss. They keep making compliments on your new figure, which made your self-consciousness return. You even dare wearing clothes that you did not have on since years.
We would like to congratulate on your success as well!:-)
In the last part we would like to give you ideas that can help you losing the last bits of fat you have on your body. You can vary them one by one, as you like. You have to use any of the diet tips described here once a week.

The gentle art of detoxification diets – Vegetables

If someone is afraid of trying the harder way of detoxification diets, but would like to get rid of the excreta that accumulated in the body, to regenerate and at the same time fill up the body with useful substances, then it is a very good alternative to have a vegetable day.
Vegetables contain many vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, enzymes that activate the metabolism, and lots of bioactive substances that strengthen the immune system. Our organism can practically get all the vital substances during the diet, so we do not have to be afraid of deficiency symptoms.
Fibres found in vegetables clean the intestinal mucous membrane, though supporting the cleaning of the metabolism system. Most of the vegetables also help to balance the acid base household of the tissues, as they are alkalizing and through their high Potassium contents they drive the emptying of oedema, and enhance the oxygen and nutrient supply of cells. The cure has a huge advantage, as it has no serious obligations at all, it is very easy to implement and only few preparations are needed. It hardly encumbers the body, and so the symptoms of distraction will remain almost unrecognizable, so you can even easily do it while working.

Keep a meatless day!

If you just are not able to eat vegetables the whole day long, just try to keep a meat-less day. It is much easier to do, just to give up meat for one day. Eating much meat can be harmful to our health. Why is a meal made of meat unhealthy? Because of all the fats, salt, conservatives and eventually antibiotics it contains. Eating too much meat results in civilization diseases like high cholesterol level, obesity, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases or osteoporosis.
You are a confirmed meat-eater? Eat some fish! It is full of proteins and contains hardly any fat, plus it contains about the half of the calories pork meat does.

Go to the sauna!

I lose weight from going to the sauna? Our weight decreases as a result of a sauna bath, but we won’t get any slimmer! During a sauna bath the water disappears from the body through the sweat-glands, which might lead to a weight-loss of 500-1500 gram. This can be measured on a scale, which most sauna-bathers do. Certainly all those whose weight is bigger than the ideal (almost every second man on Earth) are glad to step on the scale after a sauna bath and realize to have lost a kilogram. But it must not be forget that this kind of weight loss only means losing water. If you drink the first two glasses of water, you already gained back what you previously „lost” in the sauna.
So then the question may arise: if you cannot lose weight from going to the sauna, why should I use it during my diet?
Sauna bath has a positive effect on the skin, cardiovascular system and the water household. The transport of deposited harmful substances gets faster, just like the ability of the body to protect itself against infections. As harmful substances get exhausted, the metabolism gets faster, the immune system grows stronger and that helps losing weight.


Grapefruit diet is not just a myth: the sour fruit is truly one of the most effective fat burners. According to experiments done on test groups, it is enough to eat half of a grapefruit on occasion of every meal to lose 2-3 kilos in two months. Scientists explain the phenomena with the fact that the fruit contains Vitamin C in big amounts and chemical substances that regulate the blood sugar level, and have a fat-burning effect in addition.
Fruit acid contained in grapefruits drives the production of digestive juices, giving a huge momentum to the metabolism. On the grapefruit day take care that your calorie ingestion does not get higher than usual. 100 gram of grapefruit contains 33 calories, which means that a middle-sized grapefruit contains 45 calories. If you want to rather drink it, you must take care, as it is much easier to consume redundant calories – 500 ml can even contain up to 200-220 calories.

Fat burning massage

The Russian fat burning cellulites massage is one of the most popular Western massage techniques. It is based upon Swedish massage, and the difference is made by their intensity and the treatment of localized area. The most affected parts are: the thigh, the bottom and the upper arm – the masseur is working on these areas with active substances that drive congestion. Several tools assist him in his work, and as a finishing act even foil is used to enhance the affectivity.
The fat burning massage, thanks to its special choreography, fat breaking and lymph grasps is able to enable weight-loss, to decrease fat and cellulites. The massage has a positive effect on the elasticity and tautness of the skin, and to let cellulitis or striae disappear.

Get out and tour!

Go hiking from time to time. Go with your family or friends. It is a very pleasant way to spend time, and while you are in the fresh air walking through nature, you even can lose weight. During a pleasant trip you are able to burn plenty of calories, and you hardly recognize it. During hiking, you should always have enough water with you and make sure that you drink regularly.
Thank you for completing our ’10 steps to lose weight quickly’ program.

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